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Steers, swine and 4-H

Published: July 7, 2014, 1:44 pm, by Bill Radford

071514 natalie

Over the weekend I learned about steers and swine.

For an upcoming Country Life column, I met with some 4-H kids in Calhan, some planning to show steers at the El Paso County Fair, the others showing pigs.

Dalton Parks, 12, and Natalie, 11, are members of the Calhan Ranch Hands 4-H club and will be showing their steers. Their big challenge at the moment is getting their steers to the proper weight of 1,100 pounds. Both of the steers РBrady and Bruno - seemed happy to work on the task by chowing down while I was visiting.

Among the kids’ tasks is shampooing their steers. I asked Natalie what her steer, Bruno, thought of getting shampooed. She said he enjoys it, which caused me to ask a natural follow-up question: How can you tell if a steer is enjoying something?

“They look like they’re about to fall asleep,” she told me.