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Freedom for one bird, back with the flock for another

Published: June 23, 2014, 8:36 am, by Bill Radford


An update on two bird stories.

On the day before Memorial Day, our daughter found a baby horned lark hopping down the middle of the road, no mom or nest in sight. We rescued it and took it to the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center the next morning.

Well, the baby has grown up in these past few  weeks. On Saturday, a trio of volunteers from the center came to our neighborhood and released both the lark we had found and another one that had been at the center.  The birds did not stick around to say thanks; as soon as their cage was opened in the middle of our pasture, they flew out in a blur of speed and were gone – though we did then spot them flying around.

On the same day we found the horned lark, one of our chickens was attacked by a dog. The chicken, who we named Mabel and who I wrote about, had recovered enough by this weekend that she is no longer in isolation. We’d had her in a separate coop since the attack to tend to her wound and to make sure the other chickens didn’t peck at the wound. But she’s just about fully healed now and on Sunday she was reunited with the flock. The rooster immediately, uh, said hi in his way.