2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner

Two goats without a house

Published: May 22, 2014, 8:49 am, by Bill Radford


We did not get rain or hail in our neighborhood in the Falcon area Wednesday, but we did get a burst of wind that destroyed our goat shelter. (My wife was watching out the back window and saw it strike; she thinks it was a microburst as the shelter essentially exploded.)

The shelter was a garden shed with pieces that are put together by snapping and bolting. It made for a very nice goat house, warm in the wintertime. We bought it used and the guy we bought it from a year and a half ago put it together for us. Looks like we’re on our own this time. That’s assuming we can A) Find all the pieces and B) Replace the large plastic bolts that were sheared off when the thing broke apart.

If not, I’ve already been looking at designs online for goat houses. For now, the goats – Nana and Christmas – are without a house; they can, however, hide under the remains of the shelter; I also had recently built them a ramshackle platform to get up on and they can hide under it, too.