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Meeting the minis: Checking out pint-sized goats

Published: April 23, 2014, 8:34 am, by Bill Radford

050614 goat lie

Tuesday was all about the goats.

In the morning, I visited the Colorado Springs home of Monycka Snowbird, whose backyard menagerie includes chickens, a duck, rabbits and two miniature goats. Problem is, the goats aren’t allowed in the city, so Snowbird is leading the charge for a change in the city’s pet ordinance.

In the late afternoon, I stopped off at the home of Mary Anderson, who lives just down the road from me in the Falcon area. She raises both full-size and mini goats. (She recently advertised two “overly friendly” mini goats on Craigslist.) She doesn’t see a problem with allowing the minis in the city. The intact (non-neutered) boy goats stink, but they would not be allowed under the proposed ordinance change. They’re not all that loud, she says, but goats are a herd animal, so if you get one, you should plan on getting two, or at least have some kind of reliable, safe goat companion. A dog might serve the purpose, she said.

Snowbird is skeptical of the idea of a dog as a companion to your goat. They might tolerate each other, but won’t bond like two goats.

“I think personally it’s either two goats or just don’t get one.”

I’ll have more about my excursions into mini goat land in next week’s Country Life column. You can read more about the campaign to allow mini goats here.