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Windmill enthusiasts coming to Colorado

Published: April 1, 2014, 11:56 am, by Bill Radford

I started looking into windmills for my next Country Life column and found out that Calhan will be Windmill Central in June. The 26th annual International Windmillers’ Trade Fair will be June 10-12 in Calhan, drawing windmill enthusiasts from across the country and elsewhere. The Balsick family is hosting this year’s trade fair; Ray Balsick, who lives in the Falcon area, collects and restores old windmills. He has about 30 on his property.

The trade fair is held in a different location each year, said Ray’s son, Adam Balsick. Last year’s was in El Dorado, Kan. The event is expected to draw 200 to 300 people, Adam said, for three days of buying, selling and trading. “It’s basically like a swap meet,” he said.

Adam is a fan of windmills, too, as is his son. “So there are three generations of us doing it.”

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