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Some egg-stremely helpful advice

Published: March 12, 2014, 9:24 am, by Bill Radford

Who knew? Reader Terry Galbreath  (I wrote about his Bonny Burn Ranch near Calhan a while back) commented on this week’s column on raising baby chicks to note that you can’t hard boil new eggs. Well, you can, but ” they are the devil to peel,” he says.


I found a detailed explanation here of why fresh eggs aren’t’ great for hard-boiled eggs: The age of your egg affects your end result. Very fresh eggs tend to be more difficult to peel. The more acidic the egg’s contents are, the harder the egg is to peel. As an egg ages, carbon dioxide (which is a weak acid) leaks out through pores in the egg’s shell, making the egg white less acidic.

Terry also offered advice on how to have eggs last longer: “If you want eggs to last longer (they last far longer than you would think) dip them in vegetable oil – it blocks oxygen getting into the egg. You CAN freeze eggs – here’s how: break eight eggs into a Ball freezer jar – just break the yolks, don’t stir them up. Add a pinch of salt and vacuum seal then freeze them. When you thaw them out, they will look like something the cat left in your shoe, but 2 seconds in the blender, and you have ready to use eggs!”