The iceman cometh

Published: December 2, 2013, 10:29 am, by Bill Radford

Are you ready for the arctic blast set to hit the area by Wednesday?

Life in the country requires a few more preparations for winter’s grip than in the city. But I think we’re ready. There are heaters in the water troughs for the horse, the mule, the goats, the rabbits and the chickens – all the outdoor animals. That means a lot of extension cords crossing the side and back yards. Also have loaded up the rabbit pen with extra hay as both food and cover. Both the horse and mule have new winter blankets. We should have enough food for all the animals at least through the weekend, even with giving them extra feed to help keep them warm.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a heater set up underneath the house that we’re set to plug in when the temperature gets close to zero; without it, as we learned last winter, some pipes down there freeze. We’ve got the hats and gloves located, bought a face mask today. Got a new snow shovel the other week to replace a broken one. Toyed last year with the idea of getting a  snow blower, but didn’t do it.