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Throwback Thursday or Throwaway These Jerseys?

Published: June 6, 2014, 1:50 am, by Scott Kaniewski

Sure, #TBT, aka Throwback Thursday, is supposed to harken back to a day long ago. But we wanted something a bit more relevant, since the World Cup is only a week away.

If you didn’t see it earlier this spring, the Colorado Rapids had a bit of fun with April Fools Day.

The Rapids sent out a press release on April 1 with pictures of players dressed in, shall we say, revealing uniforms.

The press release stated the following:

“The Colorado Rapids announced on Tuesday that the team will wear the official Caribous of Colorado uniforms, last seen during NASL games in 1978, at a future match (date to be determined). The jerseys, which had been thought to be lost, were recently uncovered and will once again see game action.”

Thank goodness no one took them seriously and more importantly no one at the World Cup will be wearing anything remotely resembling these uniforms.

Enjoy, or, err, uh… OK, kind of speechless…

Marvell Wynne. Wear it, Marvell!

Dillon Powers. Enjoying it a little too much.

Deshorn Brown. Anyone else think Deshorn Brown wants to be anywhere else but in that outfit?

Pablo Mastroeni. Even the coach is supporting the look by sporting the look.

All photos courtesy Colorado Rapids Soccer Club on Facebook.