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Help us find the player most synonymous with each team

Published: June 17, 2014, 12:10 pm, by Brent Briggeman

The death of Tony Gwynn has sparked many conversations and has brought to light many incredible facts (he never struck out in 107 at-bats against Greg Maddux!). But one element of Gwynn’s legacy far more difficult to quantify is the way, even 13 years after his playing career, fans still associate his name with the San Diego Padres organization.

So, we’re posing the question: Which player in baseball history is most closely associated with a particular organization.

To find that answer, we’re asking for your help. Just copy the below list of teams, fill in the first player that comes to your mind for each club and paste the results into an email to brent.briggeman@gazette.com. I’ll tabulate the results.

There is obviously nothing scientific about this. The mere mention of Tony Gwynn probably already skews the results in his favor. Still, we think it’s an interesting discussion and are curious to see the results. If we get enough participation we’ll print the results in The Gazette and perhaps spread this out to other sports.

And what we’re after is pure name recognition. Please don’t research this. We’re not looking for each organization’s all-time leader in Wins Above Replacement or Fielding Independent ERA; just the first name that pops to your head when thinking about each team (and go as far back as necessary; for example, it doesn’t matter if the Dodger you think of played in L.A. or Brooklyn).

HINT: If this takes you more than 2 minutes, you’re thinking too hard. This should be the name that pops in your head first.



Arizona Diamondbacks:
Atlanta Braves:
Baltimore Orioles:
Boston Red Sox:
Chicago Cubs:
Chicago White Sox:
Cincinnati Reds:
Cleveland Indians:
Colorado Rockies:
Detroit Tigers:
Houston Astros:
Kansas City Royals:
Los Angeles Angels:
Los Angeles Dodgers:
Miami Marlins:
Milwaukee Brewers:
Minnesota Twins:
New York Mets:
New York Yankees:
Oakland Athletics:
Pittsburgh Pirates:
Philadelphia Phillies:
St. Louis Cardinals:
San Diego Padres:
San Francisco Giants:
Seattle Mariners:
Tampa Bay Rays:
Texas Rangers:
Toronto Blue Jays:
Washington Nationals:

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