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Matzek planning on making Sunday’s start as call-up rumors escalate

Published: May 31, 2014, 8:52 pm, by Brent Briggeman

Tyler Matzek

Tyler Matzek

As far as he knows, Tyler Matzek is starting for the Sky Sox on Sunday.

The lefthander has been the subject of considerable speculation as Colorado Rockies approach a point where they could make a change in the rotation. Franklin Morales gave up six more runs on Saturday as his ERA rose to 6.03. The Rockies are 1-4 in Morales’ past five starts.

It may be time to shake things up.

Matzek knows this, but says he has paid little attention to it.

“If I see a headline I’ll read it, but I try not to follow it more than that,” Matzek said on Saturday. “It’s just one of those things I can’t control.”

Matzek, a former first-round pick, is 5-2 with a 3.20 ERA for the Sky Sox. A call-up would be the first for the 23-year-old lefthander.

It is no given that the new member of the rotation – if a move is made – would come from the Sky Sox, or that it would be Matzek, but his pedigree and recent performance would make him a logical choice.

Because the Rockies have an off day this week, Morales’ spot in the rotation won’t come back up until Friday. Because of that, it would make sense for Matzek to go ahead and start on Sunday even if a call-up is coming, as a start on Friday against the Los Angeles Dodgers would still mean he is pitching on the usual four days of rest.

If something is brewing, Matzek doesn’t know. He threw about a dozen pitches in the bullpen prior to Saturday’s game before some conditioning drills. It was his normal routine the day before a start.

If, however, Matzek is limited to pitch count that is shorter than usual on Sunday, it may be a clue that the organization has immediate plans for him beyond Triple-A.