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Odd caveat for a threatened Sky Sox pitching record

Published: May 19, 2014, 7:53 pm, by Brent Briggeman

You can’t probe around in the Sky Sox record book without stumbling on some off-the-wall caveats.

Here’s the latest:

Christian Bergman stands on verge of setting the home record for scoreless innings by a pitcher, he already has broken the record for a starter at 21.

But the overall record belongs to Colby Ward, set between May 13, 1990 and May 17, 1994, when he threw 21 1/3 scoreless innings at “home.”

The only thing is Ward’s streak wasn’t all at Security Service Field. He pitched on of those innings at Tacoma on July 16, 1990. That game was a makeup from a rained out game in Colorado Springs, but it was easier to play it on the road because of travel and schedule logistics. Pacific Coast League rules at the time called upon the Sky Sox in that game to be considered the home team and even bat second.

So Ward’s home streak, which stands on the verge of falling, wasn’t entirely set at “home” in the way most would assume. 

And speaking of streak oddities, Bergman’s offense hasn’t scored in the past 27 1/3 innings in which he has been on the mound.