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Former Clemson quarterback, first-round pick heating up for the Sky Sox

Published: May 6, 2014, 10:18 pm, by Brent Briggeman
Kyle Parker

Kyle Parker

Glenallen Hill doesn’t believe the recent surge from Kyle Parker is a product of the slugger settling in at Triple-A or just riding a hot wave. And he certainly doesn’t think it’s because he shaved his mustache.

Hill just sees natural ability taking over while the learning process is still running its course.

“Whatever level he’s at, he’s going to compete,” the Sky Sox manager said. “A lot of maturing as a hitter comes with experience. He’s still learning himself and at the same time his competitive nature has allowed him to compete at this level. He’s got some room to grow in terms of maturing as a hitter, but he’s got some good ingredients to work with.”

Those ingredients include a pedigree as Clemson’s quarterback, as Parker was the first player in NCAA history to hit 20 home runs and throw 20 touchdowns in the same season.

The Rockies made him a first-round selection in 2010 and he has gone on to post impressive numbers in his climb through the system.

Parker’s first month in Triple-A certainly wasn’t bad, as he hit .282 with 14 RBIs and a .494 slugging percentage in 23 April games.

But May has seeen him really take off. In five games he is 9 for 23 (.391) with two home runs, a triple, three doubles and an .870 slugging percentage.

“The whole name of the game is adjustments,” Parker said. “You’ve got to keep changing and adjusting, because they’re going to pitch you differently and you come out one day and something that worked the day before may not work again. So it’s just a matter of adjusting continuously.”