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Hustle wasn’t issue on play where Fresno scored from 2nd on wild pitch

Published: May 25, 2013, 11:08 pm, by Brent Briggeman

Sky Sox catcher Lars Davis didn’t loaf after a wild pitch in the 10th inning that allowed Fresno’s Gary Brown to score all the way from second.

Davis just got a late start on the ball because he didn’t know where it was.

At the time, the run seemed huge as the Sky Sox had the middle of their order due up in the 10th and the play stretched the deficit from a manageable two to three.

“Sometimes bad bounces happen,” Davis said. “Give credit where credit is due. Brown is fast and he’s a good baserunner. He saw that we didn’t know where the ball was and he kept coming. It hit a piece of equipment and we just kind of lost it.”

Davis atoned for the misplay in the later half of the inning, when his two-run single extended the game that the Sky Sox eventually won in the 12th.

Even if the play had been the result of a lackadaisical approach by Davis, Sky Sox manager Glenallen Hill said it was not a situation where he would have felt the need to do any scolding.

“I’ve always believed that game experience is the greatest teacher,” Hill said. “When you have guys who care as much as those guys do, I tend to let the game experience be the first teacher.”

Hill likened the play to a gaffe that allowed the Sky Sox to pull off a bizarre walkoff win when an Omaha catcher failed to touch the plate on an easy force play.

“It’s just like that guy,” Hill said. “He’ll remember that play and he won’t do that again.”