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More on Blackmon’s promotion

Published: May 11, 2013, 10:27 pm, by Brent Briggeman

The Rockies called up Charlie Blackmon on Saturday, as he’ll take the place of the injured Michael Cuddyer.

Blackmon was batting .336 and slugging .545 for the Sky Sox and had driven in 21 runs in 31 games. His 23 walks were nearly double that of Tyler Colvin (12), who was second on the team.

The Rockies had three logical choices in replacing Cuddyer without messing with the 40-man roster. The other options would have been Tyler Colvin or Ryan Wheeler, who wouldn’t have been eligible to return for anything other than an injury since he was optioned to the minors less than 10 days ago – but since this was an injury case, he could have gone.

The Rockies also could have made a roster change and gone with Corey Dickerson, but that would likely have caused someone to be released.

Sky Sox manager Glenallen Hill said he had input in the Blackmon promotion.

“I think Charlie has been our best hitter all year,” Hill said. “He brings a lot of weapons. He can run, he can work an at bat, he’ll take a walk, he’ll give you a good at bat with runners in scoring position. He’s been very consistent all year. And he’s a great defender.”

Hill said Blackmon’s cool demeanor was fully on display when he informed the outfielder he would be returning to the major leagues for the third consecutive season.

“Let’s just say he was CB - Charlie Blackmon,” Hill said. “He’s just Steady Eddie. Hello. OK. Sounds good. 

“That’s what makes him good.”