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The 2014 Oscar Live Blog

Published: March 3, 2014, 1:01 am, by Terry Terrones


Welcome to The Gazette’s live blog for the 2014 Academy Awards! I’m your host, media columnist Terry Terrones. Throughout tonight’s big event, I’ll be providing running commentary and hoping to have You join in the conversation. Leave a post and I’ll respond to it, or just enjoy the ride.

I’ll be putting new posts on top of older posts so if you jump in late, scroll to the bottom. Everything will have a time stamp on it. Keep in mind, this post is not meant as a serious analysis of the film industry. I’m more Jay Sherman than Roger Ebert, so I plan on keeping things light. I’ll be throwing factoids, links, some attempts at humor and maybe even some relevant pictures your way. It should be fun.

Okay, enough jibber jabber. Let’s get started!

10:00 – After four hours and 1600 words, I am out. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too. Look for my review of the video game “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare” this week as well as my review of ABC’s “Resurrection.” Have a great night!

9:57 – “12 Years a Slave” is the winner. Not surprising. Solid choice. Very good film. Almost brought me to tears at the end.

9:56 – Finally! Best Picture time. I’m rooting for “Gravity” but think “12 Years A Slave” gets it.

9:51 РAnd the McConaughey  wins for challenging himself by playing a Texan.

9:49 – Time for best actor. We all know McConaughey is going to win, which I’m okay with since Joaquin didn’t get a nom. However, I’d of given it to Leo because he killed it in “Wolf of Wall Street.” While he’s a fine actor, Matt MC doesn’t seem to play any other character besides Texans.

9:48 – Did they extend the extend the amount of time given for acceptance speeches? Is this why tonight’s Oscars are running so long?

9:45 – And Cate Blanchett wins best actress. So far, no surprises in the acting categories. All that’s left is for the McConnaissance to keep rolling, rolling, rolling.

9:42 – Time for best actress. Personally I was stunned that Amy Adams’ bra was not nominated for best supporting actress.

9:41 – I think this is that Jonze/Coppola article I was talking about.

9:35 – Alfonso Cuaron wins the best director Oscar. Another “Gravity” Oscar! Very nice. I’d of given it to Adam McKay for “Anchorman 2″ but I suppose this is acceptable.

9:27 – Spike Jonze wins best original screenplay for “Her.” Well deserved, great film. I’m sure his ex-wife Sophia Copolla disagrees but she’ll get over it. Read a great article about how Jonze wrote “Her” about his relationship with Copolla and how Copolla wrote “Lost in Translation” about Jonze. If I can find it I’ll link it.

9:25 – John Ridley wins best adapted screenplay for “12 Years A Slave.” Finally an award that “Gravity” did not win.

9:17 – “Gravity” wins again for original score, “Frozen” wins for original song. Thought for sure U2 was going to get that one.


9:10 – Nic Cage is unaware that John Travolta stole his hair piece until he watches tonight’s Academy Awards.

9:06 – Goldie Hawn, looking like a young Kim Novak, comes out to preview “Captain Phillips,” “12 Years a Slave” and “Philomena.”

8:59 – And all of the world simultaneously mutes their TVs as Better Midler sings the opening stanza of “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

8:58 – Nope, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Should haven seen that coming.

8:54 – Time for the In Memoriam tribute. Who’s going to be last? Harold Ramis?

8:51 – That selfie that Ellen took earlier tonight has 700,000 retweets in one hour. I need to hang out with more celebs.

8:45 – “The Great Gatsby” wins for production design. Catherine Martin wins her second Oscar of the night. She’s done better than Bradley Cooper by far.

8:44 – Jennifer Garner is out with Benedict Cumberbatch to present an award. Benedict Cumberbatch is the Duke Ihenacho of actors.

8:34 – “Wait, that woman from “Arrested Development” is Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz’s” daughter?!?” said some early 30-something somewhere.

8:32 – The film editing Oscar goes to (Surprise!) “Gravity.” I think that’s four tonight. Very nice.

8:28 – Best Cinematography award is given to “Gravity.” They are cleaning up on the technical awards. Consolation prizes or sign of a dominating night?


8:24 – After making a joke earlier in the night about ordering pizza, Ellen follows through with three pizzas she shares with front row celebs. This dude got to deliver ‘za to Han Freaking Solo. Lucky dog. What we didn’t see was the pizza guy embarrassing himself with a really bad Chewbacca impression.

8:21 – Twitter has been down periodically for the last 20 minutes. I blame Seth McFarlane. He’s seeing how her vanilla jokes and constant selfies seem to please celebs and he’s not too happy about that. I think he sent Peter Griffin to Twitter HQ to shut things down.

8:15 – And Lupita Nyong’o is the winner. No surprises so far.

8:12 – Time for the supporting actress Oscar. I’d give it to J-Law but there’s no way she gets two Academy Awards two years in a row. Lupita Nyong’o will be your winner.


8:10 – “Gravity” wins two Oscars in a row, for Sound Mixing, Sound Editing. Considering there’s no sound in space, those are some somewhat ironic awards to receive.

8:05 – Ellen keeps taking selfies with celebs. I’m stunned, STUNNED that Kim Kardashian doesn’t photo bomb every single one.
8:02 – Ronan Farrow sure is a Negative Nancy.
7:51 – Tyler Perry comes out to present Tyler Perry who talks about best picture nominees “Her,” “Gravity” and “Nebraska.” I didn’t see “Nebraska.” Didn’t look interesting. Loved “Gravity” and “Her.” Really surprised Joaquin Phoenix didn’t get a best actor nod. Who’s better than him? He’s been consistently robbed by the Academy.
7:50 – “The Great Beauty” wins best foreign language film. Lucky Italians take home a trophy while Jim Carrey remains Oscarless.
7:47 – Just saw a trailer for the new ABC show “Resurrection.” I saw the pilot and have a review of the show going up later this week. #shamelessplug
7:39 – 20 Feet from Stardom won best doc. I’ll be honest, I don’t watch many documentaries. I prefer my serious subject matter to be fictional.
7:36 – John Stamos is in the audience tonight. He must be a seat filler because that dude has no business at the Academy Awards.
7:34 – “The Lady in Number 6″ won best short doc. The two winners wore bow ties. Love that. When I hit 60 I’m going to make it my mission in life to bring back the bow tie. Just as long as its a slip on and I don’t have to tie it.
7:31 – “Helium” wins the Oscar for best live action short film. Foreigners are crushing the short film categories. You’re dropping the ball America!
7:24 – “Gravity” wins for special effects. Well deserved. I rewatched it this afternoon, great film. I hope it wins best picture but I don’t think it will. Most Academy voters view the films nominated on screeners (DVDs and blu-rays sent to Academy voters). Unfortunately for “Gravity” it loses some of its punch that way. I’ve watched the film in the theater and at home, much more intense in the theater.
7:15 – Kim Novak announces “Frozen” is the winner for best animated feature film. Is it a coincidence that Kim read the card for this award? There are no coincidences.
7:15 – This tweet from Albert Brooks hurt – “I’m at a big party tonight. I hope the Broncos don’t lose again.”¬†

7:13 – Mr. Hublot wins the Oscar for best animated short film. If you tell me you’ve seen it you’re a liar.

7:12 – I will NOT make a Kim Novak plastic surgery joke! I will NOT make a Kim Novak plastic surgery joke! It’s. So. Difficult.

7:04 – Time for a look at three of the Best Picture nominees – “American Hustle,” “Dallas Buyers Club” and “Wolf of Wall Street.” Of those three I liked “Wolf of Wall Street” the best, it was crazy fun, had Scorsese-ness stamped all over it and had what was probably my all time favorite Leo performance. But there’s no way it will win, nothing with a hint of humor can ever win an Oscar.

7:00 – Catherine Martin wins the Oscar for costume design for “The Great Gatsby.” Robin Matthews and Adruitha Lee from “Dallas Buyers Club” wins for makeup and hairstyling. Bradley Cooper just can’t catch a break tonight.



6:54 – First the Grammys and now the Oscars. Looks like Pharrell will soon be releasing his own brand of Dudley Dooright hatwear.

6:44 – Jared Leto just said his big brother was the best in the world. I think my little brother would disagree. Right, Phil? Right!?!

6:43 – And Jared Leto is the winner. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a very predictable evening.

6:42 – Much like the audience, I courtesy laughed through most of Ellen’s monologue. Now it’s time for the first award of the night, Best Supporting Actor. Bradley Cooper’s perm and Michael Fassbender’s red beard will both be disappointed when they lose to Jared Leto’s Crystal Gayle length hair.

6:31 – Ellen stole her tie from Fred from Scooby Doo.

6:25 – I don’t have anything against Ellen. She’s a very safe pick. That said, she’s too safe. Ellen is the female Jay Leno – pretty harmless. I can understand why Seth McFarlane wasn’t brought back but it would be nice to have a host who can bring the gap between vanilla and rocky road. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would have been perfect but since they’re not ABC talent and already host the Golden Globes, I’m sure they weren’t considered.

6:20 – We’re only 10 minutes away from an Ellen dance number. Hope you’re prepared.

6:17 – Did Tim Gunn have a little brother no one knows about? Who was that tiny guy talking to Sandra Bullock?


6:13 – Just saw Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. How can you not love her? Jimmy Kimmel on the other hand? Not so much.

6:06: – For the record, tonight I’m wearing Broncos sweatpants and a “Breaking Bad” Heisenberg University t-shirt. I’m accompanied by my dog Butters.

6:02 – Starting out with some red carpet show’s. Since the Academy Awards are on ABC I might as well start there.