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Video Game Haiku Review – Fable Anniversary

Published: February 10, 2014, 11:27 pm, by Terry Terrones


Title: Fable Anniversary
Format: Xbox 360
Price: $39.99
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Lionhead Studios
ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)
The Grade: B

Fable Anniversary Haiku Review

First Fable ever

From Xbox to 360

Kick you some chickens

Summary: Like a lot of gamers my first experience with the “Fable” series was with “Fable II” on the Xbox 360, so this HD version of the original game that appeared on the first Xbox is a treat. To be sure, at times this game plays like a title from 10 years ago (hence the “anniversary” in the name) but it still holds up with all of the “Fable” charm fans of the series have come to expect. There are also some nice features to this modernized version. Aside from an HD upgrade, gamers who pick up “Fable Anniversary” will enjoy remastered audio, a new interface and “The Lost Chapters” content. I also got a kick out of the newly added Achievements (some of them are very funny) and the excellent use of the SmartGlass app. “Fable Anniversary” shows its age at times, but it’s certainly a worthy title to add to your library.

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