Video Game Haiku Review – The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode One

Published: December 23, 2013, 8:24 pm, by Terry Terrones


I’ve been covering the video game industry for almost 10 years so I have access to a lot of games, so many that I honestly just don’t have the time to review them all. At least not in the detail that I’d usually go into for a review that would get placed in the Gazette (unlike an IGN or Kotaku, I’m just one guy). While I don’t review every game I receive, I do play them all. To expedite the review process and give you a general feel for a title without a more drawn out review, I’ve come up with something short and snappy – the haiku review.

These are reviews of a video game in haiku form, complete with a review score and a short summary of the title. I used to do these for the Gazette a few years ago and now I’m bringing them back. Hopefully these bite-sized reviews will provide some information to make an informed decision about a game. Like many people like to point out to me, most review readers are just looking at the score/grade of a game anyway. Maybe this will give you a review in a more interesting way. At least that’s my hope.

Title: The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode One
Format: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, iOS, PS Vita
Price: $4.99
Publisher/Developer: Telltale Games
ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)
The Grade: B

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode One Haiku Review

Clementine returns

The story moves kinda slow

Yet still entertains

Summary: As players of season one would expect from this series, “The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode One” is filled with tension and tough moral decisions that will leave you wondering whether or not you made the correct choices. This is a game you think about long after you’ve finished playing it. While I enjoyed the game it had a shorter than usual play-through time (a little over an hour), some serious lag issues, and the story moved much slower than expected for this series. While episode one acted mostly as a setup for the rest of the season, for $5 it’s still a great value and worth your time.