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Summer beer season is in full swing, says beer industry

Published: May 30, 2014, 10:17 pm, by Stephanie Earls


Summer doesn’t technically begin until June 21st and the solstice. Beer says, Why wait?

The beer industry tallies summer like the rest of us, with a Memorial Day kick-off and a Labor Day close. In 2013, in the 15 weeks between the bookend holidays, sales of beer and malt beverages topped $11 billion. Numbers could soar higher this year.

“It’s really no surprise that beer will be the top choice at celebrations and occasions across America this summer,” said Chris Thorne, vice president of communications for the Beer Institute, in a press release.  “Beer brings people together. And beer’s low ABV means it can be enjoyed responsibly.”

We believe the burden of responsible alcohol consumption lies more with the drinker than the beverage (we also like IPAs, which tend to have a higher alcohol content), but we get the point.