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Ham and hops: Which beer’s best for Easter dinner?

Published: April 18, 2014, 11:25 pm, by Stephanie Earls

IMAG0999_1Unsure which brew will best complement your holiday meal this Sunday? You’re not alone. At least four other people are probably wondering the same thing.

My personal curiosity is purely clinical/recreational, as I do not cook ever and live 2,000 miles from family. I do however like to know beer stuff, so let’s proceed.

For consistency’s sake, let’s assume your holiday meal is built around a favorite, traditional occidental main course of honey-glazed ham, prepared with cinnamon and sugar.

Tom Zurenko, general manager at Bristol Brewing, recommends his company’s Mass Transit Ale or Smokebrush Porter, assuming you’re able to score the latter, limited release brew.

“Even the Laughing Lab would be nice, though it’s kind of sweet,” Zurenko said. 

Sadly for IPA fans, Zurenko would not recommend a pairing with the current holiday’s particular eats.

“I wouldn’t go IPA because I don’t think the spice with the sugar is really a good pairing,” Zurenko said. “What would be really awesome is something like the Smokebrush Porter, if you can get your hands on it.”