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Texas’ oldest craft brewery expanding into Colorado

Published: August 5, 2013, 8:56 pm, by Scott Rappold

st arnold

Nothing against Texas, but the Lone Star State isn’t exactly known for its craft beer scene. Shiner Bock might taste just fine under the hot Texas sun, but it can’t compete with the variety or robustness of Colorado’s beers. And you’d be hard-pressed to find any other Texas beers on local liquor store shelves.

But their oldest craft brewery has decided it can hang with the big boys.

Houston-based Saint Arnold Brewing Co. announced today its beers will be available in September at Front Range liquor stores. It is currently only available in Texas and Louisiana.

Though beer has many purported patron saints, Saint Arnold of Metz is the best-known

“There are many reasons for the push into Colorado, the biggest being that it is the center of the craft beer universe and Saint Arnold recognizes that if it wants to be part of the craft beer conversation it needs to be visible and available in Colorado,” brewery spokesman Daniel Keeney says in an e-mail.

Look for three beers on shelves initially, to be followed by more seasonals and specialty beers. While many in Colorado certainly have their issues with too many Texans here – why does it seem like every time I am stuck behind an RV towing a Jeep over a mountain pass, they have Texas plates? – I welcome Saint Arnold’s arrival into Colorado.

Because let’s face it. It’s just too darn hot in Texas for us Coloradans to drive there to try their beers.