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Rockies: Tyler Matzek leaps from Colorado Springs to Denver

Published: June 11, 2014, 9:52 am, by Paul Klee


How old do you think Tyler Matzek is?

27? 28? He must be on the Jess Settles plan. In college terms, Matzek seems like the senior who was granted an extra three years of eligibility, simply so fans can say: That guy’s still around? He must have three degrees by now. 

Wasn’t Matzek drafted with Tulo in 2005? Didn’t he take bullpens alongside Jason Jennings?

Guess what: Matzek is 23. I know. 23! And he’s back on the mound at Coors Field, tonight against the Braves.

“It’s taken a little longer than I expected,” Matzek said Tuesday. “But I made it, so I’m happy.”

When Eddie Butler was placed on the DL on Monday, Matzek got the call-up from Colorado Springs. The lefty will be the third call-up to start for the Rockies in the past six games. Injuries equal opportunities.

“It shows that our future is really strong,” Matzek said, and while the Rockies performance lately suggests that’s open for debate, this is no doubt a chance for the young arms in the Rockies’ system to leave a mark.

Butler will be really good, either in Colorado or elsewhere. Christian Bergman was good in his MLB debut on Monday, even if he didn’t get the win to show for it. Matzek? I thought he profiled more as a middle reliever for the Rockies, and that would be just fine. They could use one. 

“He doesn’t get hit hard,” manager Walt Weiss said.

The Rockies drafted Matzek five years ago. He’s now 23, even if it seems like he’s been around forever. 

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