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Rockies: Pitch in to help the Rockies (but with who?)

Published: June 1, 2014, 10:59 pm, by Paul Klee

The day was coming, but that’s not why I wrote this column for Sunday’s Gazette. That column was to hopefully shed some light on what Rockies player development is looking for when it’s time for a pitching change. 

It’s time, past time, so what are they looking for from the Jon Grays, Eddie Butlers and Tyler Matzeks in the farm system? What will it take to make the leap to Coors Field? Why hasn’t it happened yet?

Because a pitching change is coming. It must be. Another faulty starting-pitching performance — another one from Jhoulys Chacin — must invoke a decision to shake up the rotation. Waiting for Brett Anderson and Tyler Chatwood to get healthy — the Rockies’ preferred approach — is waving the white flag in June.

If the Rockies did dig into their farm clubs for a starter, right now, I think their choice would be Tyler Matzek or Christian Friedrich. Not saying that is or isn’t my choice; that’s just the impression I got from the Rockies. They’d prefer if promising starters Butler and Gray got another full season in the minors before bringing them to Denver. 

The day to do something already had come. That’s why we wrote that column Sunday. 

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