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Rockies: Rain, rain go away… from Coors Field

Published: May 22, 2014, 5:55 pm, by Paul Klee

Rox.Rain Rox.Basement

Eventful day here at Coors Field.

On the field? Not really. It’s 2-2 in the sixth. In the sky? Definitely. It’s Rain Delays 2, Baseball 0. We’re in the second of two extended weather delays, the first of which implored Coors Field officials to evacuate staff and media into the basement (right). That was for the tornado warning that spanned the metro area.

Come to think of it, the basement of Coors Field, with its high cement walls and bunker-like feel, might be the safest place in Colorado during a tornado. Thankfully, there was no tornado and we moved back upstairs.

The tornado sirens never went off in LoDo. Not today, at least. They did on Wednesday — twice — and several of the Giants players ventured out into the dugout to see what in Tulo’s name was going on.

As Giants pitcher Matt Cain told me, “We got here and it was raining. Then on Monday it’s 80 degrees. And I’m looking at the mountains and they’re covered in snow. Now it’s raining again.”

Back to the now. We’re in the second weather delay (left). This one’s been going for about an hour. What happens in the press box during a rain delay? Much like any other time, very little of substance. Mark Kiszla and I have broken down every possible angle of the Nuggets’ upcoming draft. I did radio. Thrice. Brandon Krisztal built a family of Rockies bobbleheads. T.J. Ward visited a strip club (kidding, kidding). Lots of Twitter usage.  

Anyone looking to read a weather column in Friday’s Gazette? I better find a story.

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