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Rockies: Giants accuse Tulo of stealing signs

Published: May 21, 2014, 5:39 pm, by Paul Klee


Apparently, an athlete can reach a point of excellence when rivals start questioning his ethics.

Tulo has reached that point.

Denver Post beat writer Patrick Saunders had this story today. It’s definitely worth a read.

In it, the Giants’ color analyst accuses Troy Tulowitzki of stealing signs. It’s the only way, according to the color guy, that Tulo could be raking the way he’s raking.

Rockies manager Walt Weiss was aware of the comments from the Giants’ color analyst. Weiss shot a warning to the Giants when it comes to Tulo allegedly stealing signs.

“Keep an eye on Dinger. He’s involved,” Weiss said this afternoon, adding that the Rockies are using a light bulb in the scoreboard to tip off their star shortstop.

“I love when opposing teams start making accusations,” Weiss said.

Tulo (above, at Coors Field today) didn’t want to talk about the allegations. But he wasn’t smiling, either. 

By the way, the guy’s name is Mike Krukow. We can assume he’s not real big on my idea of adding a bat signal to Coors Field when Tulo’s up to bat. Aside from his part-time job as a dolt, Mike was a pitcher for the Giants.

Really, the whole thing should be quite flattering to Tulo. 

Detractors never talk about the guy at the end of the bench. Right, Mike?

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