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Broncos: The scoop on Bradley Roby

Published: May 11, 2014, 4:08 pm, by Paul Klee


I wrote about Bradley Roby in Sunday’s Gazette. (Didn’t think the online headline fit the column, but there are some good points in the actual column.) That one was about the trend of the Broncos taking a chance on players who come with so-called character concerns.

This is about football.

As a star cornerback at Ohio State, Roby played for position coach Kerry Coombs. Here’s the football side of what Coombs told me about Roby in a phone conversation on Friday.  

“They are getting a very, very talented player,” Coombs said. “They’re getting an explosive athlete, who’s a very, very intelligent young man — not just as a student, but one who has high football intelligence. (He is) very competitive. They’re going to be extremely happy with the player they drafted.”

Broncos bossman John Elway noted Chris Harris would be the Broncos’ starter at right corner. Harris is a tremendous success story. I’ve felt that one of the reasons for Harris’ rise as a cornerback has been his coachability; he takes constructive criticism and works at it. How coachable was Roby at Ohio State? 

“He’s very, very coachable. I got there a couple years ago. He was already on the roster. I think he was probably at that point where he had not reached his fullest potential. I don’t think he really knew that or understood that,” Coombs said. “We had great conversations about what he needed to do to improve his game, specifically with his footwork. We showed him a lot of video. He absolutely took it to heart.

“He worked very hard to change and improve areas of his game. He’s not only coachable. He takes what you teach him and what you tell him and he works on his own to become a better player. He will be working on football when he’s not with the team. That’s one of the best things about him; he’s always working on football.”

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