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Avs: No winner/loser in Game 7?

Published: April 30, 2014, 6:51 pm, by Paul Klee

That’s what it looks like, according to one survey.

If the Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild are anything like their fellow residents, both teams happily will go home after this series is over. Colorado and Minnesota rank in the top 10 of people least likely to leave their state, this Gallup poll shows.

The top 10 of happiest residents: Montana, Hawaii (duh), Maine, Oregon, New Hampshire, Texas, Colorado (ranking seventh), Minnesota (eighth), South Dakota and Wyoming.

You know where people don’t want to live? Illinois and Connecticut, apparently. So whether it’s the Avs or the Wild who advance to face Illinois’ Blackhawks, they will face one unhappy bunch.

If the folks at Gallup are accurate, of course.

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