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Avs: Best press conference to date? No, just Patrick Roy

Published: April 25, 2014, 11:24 pm, by Paul Klee

There won’t be anything you don’t already know in this blog. So in that, I’ve failed.

But the topic is worth a word or two, simply because it’s so rare. In a cutter-cutter sports world, it’s a phenomenon, really. 

Patrick Roy. Eleven months since he was introduced as head coach of the Avalanche (Headline in The Gazette: “Hold on tight, Roy’s return to Avs guarantees hockey headlines”), never a dull moment in between. Never a dull press conference; that’s for sure. Today was the latest reminder. You can watch it here. Or you can read about it here in the column I wrote today.

The exchange was just 15 minutes, nothing groundbreaking. Roy was blunt (“Minny played with a type of urgency we haven’t seen all year”). He was informative, relative to a coach’s normal approach to injuries (on Matt Duchene’s return: “Is he going to play in this series? We’re not sure yet.”). He was entertaining.

Very, very entertaining.

The Gazette has covered the Avalanche extensively since Roy’s hire, perhaps exceeding the demand for a team that finished 29th in the league last season. Part of the reason is because we remember how the Avs captured the state’s attention for just under a decade after their arrival in Colorado.  

Roy is the way back to that.

Are press-conference performances the reason he will win Coach of the Year and projects as a coach you want to have around for a long time? No, of course not.   

But if Roy has the ear of a collection of local media, imagine his influence on a locker room of players who grew up watching him play.

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