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Avs: Broncos, Avs share crossroads in playoffs

Published: April 18, 2014, 6:21 pm, by Paul Klee

Remember when Peyton Manning was ordered to take a knee?

Sorry to remind you. Broncos coach John Fox said his team was shell-shocked by the Mile High Mistake — Joe Flacco’s touchdown bomb to Jacoby Jones — and needed time recovery before overtime.

Did the same thing happen to the Minnesota Wild in Game 1 of its playoff series with the Avalanche?

Patrick Roy thinks so. His Avs scored a game-tying goal with 13.6 seconds left in regulation. Then the Avs stunned the Wild with a quick game-winner in overtime.

In explaining the wild turn of events at Pepsi Center late Thursday night, Roy (today, after the Avs’ practice) sounded a lot like Fox (last year, after the Ravens stunned the Broncos).

“It has to affect a team when you’re getting tied with 13 seconds left in the game and losing a game in overtime,” Roy said. “This is a game you felt that you had. This is a game you felt you had under control. That has to hurt a bit.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Do I wish Fox had allowed Manning to attempt a game-winning scoring drive against the Ravens? Yeah, I still do.

But there’s a lot of truth to Fox’s reasoning, if you believe Patrick Roy.

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