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NCAA: Boy, those NCAA sanctions really hurt UConn

Published: April 7, 2014, 3:00 pm, by Paul Klee

The University of Connecticut basketball program committed major recruiting violations and was placed on NCAA probation. But that isn’t the reason UConn couldn’t compete in the NCAA tournament in 2013.

UConn was banned from the postseason in 2013 because its APR scores were so awful.

In a nutshell, the UConn program not only cheated, but it failed miserably on the academic front.  That’s quite the doubleheader, Huskies.

(You can read about both failures here, here or here. Or here’s an excellent column from Gary Parrish. Or the initial piece of investigation reporting from Yahoo! Sports. Take your pick. They’re all true.

(Oh, and that doesn’t mention the NCAA investigation into standout guard Ryan Boatright, who was forced to sit out a bunch of games before he was cleared. Can’t forget that one.)

Back to the recruiting violations. The NCAA placed UConn on probation from Feb. 22, 2011, through Feb. 21, 2014. So the probation was scheduled to end about two weeks ago.

Tonight, UConn plays Kentucky in the national championship game.

Boy, those NCAA sanctions and academic penalties really hurt UConn. How will the Huskies ever recover?

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