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Nuggets: Training camp in March

Published: March 31, 2014, 10:59 pm, by Paul Klee


The Nuggets are finishing a seventh-month training camp.

Need proof? On Monday, faced with a three-point deficit and 7 seconds on the clock, the Nuggets allowed Timofey Mozgov to be one of the options for a potential game-tying three-point attempt. It missed.

Mozzy? For three?

Yes, because these Nuggets were in tryout mode from the day they hit the court together in September. They wanted to learn which players would fit into Brian Shaw’s system. They wanted to learn which players had a willingness to defend. They wanted to learn which players could do what.

(This goes with what I wrote back in February, when I felt the Nuggets had transitioned from competing this season to playing for the future.)

In this case, they apparently wanted to learn if Mozgov was a viable option on a three-point shot with the game on the line. This isn’t to say I agree with their approach to this season. This is simply to explain how that happens.

One day before, coincidentally, I watched Mozzy make a half-dozen three-pointers in practice at Pepsi Center (above, being interviewed by esteemed journalist/author Terry Frei). All came from the left corner. None came from the right wing. Maybe that’s just not his spot. 

Maybe Monday, in their 74th game of the regular season, the Nuggets were simply extending their training camp by another day.

Let’s hope that was the idea, at least. 

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