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Nuggets: George Karl, unplugged

Published: March 18, 2014, 2:02 pm, by Paul Klee


George Karl wants to coach again.

“We’d like to go on one more rodeo,” he said during an interview on ESPN 102.3′s The Locker Room on Monday. 

George Karl (above, a few days before he was fired) can’t figure out why he’s still not coaching the Nuggets.

“I’ve been looking for that reason all year long,” he said.

Here’s a possibility, Karl speculated in jest: The Nuggets hosted a reunion for the 1993-94 squad that upset the top-seeded Sonics in the NBA playoffs. Karl, of course, coached the Sonics. It might’ve made for an awkward moment… or something.

“Oh, that’s why they fired me?” he joked.

Karl’s interview with Nate Kreckman, Gary Miller and Tom Nalen is worth a listen. (You can find the podcast here.) Nothing’s changed; George Karl remains unfiltered, one of his many endearing qualities.

On a related note, shoutout to the Nuggets for hosting an excellent party Monday. Whether it’s in college or at the pro level, reunions are awfully difficult to coordinate. Families, jobs, obligations often get in the way. But the Nuggets pulled off a memorable one by bringing back the Nuggets of 20 years ago.

Fans had a banner of a time celebrating the Nuggets squad that upset the top-seeded Sonics in the NBA playoffs. I attended Games 3 and 4 and will never forget those times with my dad. 

As for Game 5, “I think that’s the day that haunts me the most,” Karl said.

Even more than the day he was fired by the Nuggets.

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