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NCAA tournament: Times and TV

Published: March 16, 2014, 9:41 pm, by Paul Klee

This is just one man’s opinion. But after taking a long look over the NCAA tournament bracket, there’s only one explanation for the incompetence of the 10-member selection committee.

The committee put the bracket together while being timed, as if taking the ACT, and it ran short of time. So it checked all the ‘D’ boxes and made UMass a 6 seed.

Every year, I wonder how the NCAA selection committee possibly can screw this up worse than the year before. Every year, I go on a rant, or write a column, or a news story, to explain how ridiculous this process is. And every year, the NCAA selection committee shows it isn’t fit for this process.

Fix it. Please.

Until that happens, we will still have the tournament, as convoluted and indefensible as the selection and seeding process is. So, to save some time and move forward from the selection committee’s inadequacies, here’s a handy guide to the tipoff times and TV channel alignments for the NCAA tournament.

Click here.

Adjust your work schedules accordingly.

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