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2013 Broncos: at Kansas City

Published: January 27, 2014, 10:50 am, by Paul Klee

KC.Out     KC.In

Next up: at Kansas City, Week 13.

Peyton Manning spotted Marcus Cooper. Then he picked on Marcus Cooper. And picked on Marcus Cooper some more. By the time it was over, Manning and the Broncos again exposed the Chiefs as a quality team, but not one that could overtake them for the AFC West title.

The date: Dec. 1.

The game: Broncos 35, Chiefs 28.

The site: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City.

The notable: This was the most intoxicated stadium this season. Sunshine, warmer-than-average weather, early tailgates and a hyped matchup added to an overzealous and dangerous atmosphere. One tailgate offered free shots to passers-by, no I.D. needed. And we wonder why a man, a father, was murdered in the parking lot?

The photos: Arrowhead Stadium, inside and out.

The column: If Broncos reach the Super Bowl, send thank-you cards to the Chiefs and Ravens.

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