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Broncos: Preparing for Super Bowl crush

Published: January 23, 2014, 3:12 pm, by Paul Klee


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This is the second Super Bowl, as a head coach, for John Fox. This is the third Super Bowl, as a quarterback, for Peyton Manning (above, today). John Elway is a part of his sixth Super Bowl with the Broncos.

But this is the first Super Bowl, for everyone, hosted in the New York/New Jersey metro area. The 48th Super Bowl will be different than the previous 47.

The Broncos started early with their tips and advice on how players should handle the crush of 5,000-something credentialed media, parties that run ’til daybreak, ticket obligations for family and friends and the temptations of holding a giant event in a giant city.

“You try to help out any way you can,” Manning said today.

“(Fox) has encouraged guys to ask questions,” he added.

Manning said veterans, from himself to Elway, have been resources for younger players. Fox held a team meeting to discuss logistics. It figures the Manning brothers will discuss any quirks at Eli’s homefield, MetLife Stadium.

(Here’s my only tip, since they asked: download the “NYC Bus and Subway” app to your phone. It’s handy. New York has a way of keeping you on your feet. You don’t want tired feet on Super Bowl Sunday, right?)

This figures to be a crush like no other Super Bowl crush. That goes, especially, for the media crush. In media obligations, Fox advised his players this way:

“Speak to the game and speak to themselves and not much else,” he said.

That’s what the Fox says about media and the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl.

Can’t wait to hear what Richard Sherman says, too.

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