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2013 Broncos: vs. Ravens

Published: January 22, 2014, 6:26 pm, by Paul Klee


BAL.Stadium     BAL.Flacco

Next up: the Ravens. 

First, the numbers. Peyton Manning: 27-for-42, 462 yards, no interceptions, 141.2 QB rating… and seven touchdowns. That tied an NFL record. And, they’re off.

The anticipation for the NFL Kickoff game added another layer when the NFL added a Joe Flacco banner to the south side of Sports Authority Field. Alas, no one brought a paintball gun. That we know of.

The date: Sept. 5.

The game: Broncos 49, Ravens 27.

The site: Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

The photos: SAFMH, Flacco’s Flag.

The notable: After scoring two of Manning’s seven touchdown passes, Julius Thomas became the most picked-up free agent in fantasy football leagues. 

The column: This time there was a Flacco Flag, but no Flacco Fling.

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