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2013 Broncos: At San Francisco

Published: January 21, 2014, 9:17 am, by Paul Klee


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With the Broncos heading to the Super Bowl, let’s try something different in this space.

Over the next 6-7 days, or until I fly to New York on Monday, I’ll have blog posts reviewing each game of the Broncos season. Looking back on previous columns through this NFL season, I found it interesting to see the state of the Broncos, week-to-week. The team we’ll see at the Super Bowl followed a wild road to get there.

Plus, my cell phone might be on its final leg, but it’s packed with photos that otherwise would go to waste (like the America’s Cup zooming through San Francisco Bay, bottom right). So let’s use ‘em!

We’ll start in San Francisco, site of the first preseason game.

The game: Broncos 10, 49ers 6.

The date: Aug. 8 (preseason). 

The stadium: Candlestick Park.

The notable: San Francisco linebacker Aldon Smith narrowly missed a big hit on Peyton Manning, causing Broncos Country to shudder.

The column: OK, that was scary. Does Peyton Manning really need to be playing in the preseason?

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