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Broncos: Let the hype begin

Published: January 15, 2014, 10:50 am, by Paul Klee


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It’s the calm before the media storm, the Wednesday before an AFC championship featuring Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, and all is quiet here at Dove Valley. In mere hours, hundreds of middle-aged white males, and my deskmate Lindsay Jones, will converge on Broncos headquarters to ask the most pressing question of all.

Better-looking: Tom Brady or Eric Decker?

OK, OK. That’s not it. 

Regardless, we’ll be all over Dove Valley this week and Sunday at Sports Authority Field. Columns (like this one, exposing the erroneous narrative on this Patriots’ season), an online chat today, blogs, videos, tweets, photos, radio shows, more columns and the weekly special section in Sunday’s Gazette.

Questions need answers.

Whither Tom Brady? Brady or Manning? Will the Patriots continue their Blount-force running attack — or air it out against the devastated-by-injury Denver defense? More damaging loss for the Broncos — Chris Harris or Von Miller? 

Why’s Peyton drinking Bud Light? We’re in Colorado, man, where the craft beer flows like wine.

I’ll leave the Brady-Decker debate up to you. But clearly it’s Brady.

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