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Broncos: Whither Mike Shanahan?

Published: December 11, 2013, 12:38 pm, by Paul Klee

As I pack up my house getting ready for a move, a series of Redskins press conferences are on the tube in the background. 

It’s quite a fiasco over there, eh? And it got me thinking.

First, why is Robert Griffin III being portrayed as the victim here? I certainly haven’t seen all of the Redskins’ games. Only a couple. I did cover Redskins-Broncos, and I wrote then I would be surprised if RGIII lasts five seasons in the NFL. 

I still believe RGIII was the worst quarterback to face the Broncos this season. If not the worst, down near the bottom. It’s a short list, since the Broncos have played a number of quality quarterbacks.

Brady. Rivers. Romo. Flacco. Luck. Alex Smith. Chad Henne and Ryan Fitzpatrick are capable, too.

Watching RGIII way back on Oct. 27, I was struck by how ineffective he was. He was immobile. His passes soared high of the intended target. He was sacked three times, tossed two interceptions and had a QB rating of 45.4.

His supporting cast isn’t very good, either, but RGIII was bad that day. It doesn’t appear that was an isolated performance. To me, the problem in Washington looks more like a scouting issue — a personnel-evaluation issue — than a coach-owner-quarterback quarrel like it’s being made out to be. They simply drafted the wrong guy. 

The tone of the press conference — the RGIII press conference — was a strange one. It sounded as though folks believe RGIII has been unfairly benched for the rest of the season. Hey, after seeing the Redskins’ offense with RGIII at quarterback, maybe Mike Shanahan simply wants to try things with a different quarterback. Maybe? I’m not there, but that seems to be a reasonable conclusion no one is considering. They’re 3-10.

This is relatable in Colorado only because the status of Mike Shanahan is and will always be news in Colorado. He won twin Super Bowl titles here and returned to a friend’s welcome on Oct. 27.

Shanahan won’t be in Washington, D.C., next season. Given the toxic atmosphere in Redskins camp., it’s fair to assume he will be on the move.

Here’s my scenario, based entirely on speculation: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sees an opportunity to grab an established offensive mind, hires Shanahan and sticks it to the hated Redskins in the process. 

Mike Shanahan, head coach, Dallas Cowboys.

Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Washington Redskins.

Kirk Cousins, quarterback, Chicago Bears.

Problems solved.

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