College: One man’s BCS title game

Published: December 10, 2013, 2:15 pm, by Paul Klee

If I were a BCS computer, arranging college football’s hierarchy as though it were a math equation, here’s my  national championship game: Florida State vs. Michigan State.

The Seminoles are No. 1 and deserve to play for the title in Pasadena

The Spartans are not No. 2 and won’t play for the title in Pasadena.

And that’s the right way to do it, if we’re going by the numbers, and we are. Under the current format, which is going away, the Spartans shouldn’t be in the national championship game. Auburn should be.

But this is based on the Klee eye test, and the Spartans are the best team I’ve seen, at least over the past two months. In the games I’ve watched, quarterback Connor Cook looks like an NFL guy. He’s undervalued on the national scene. I’ll go against the grain and say Cook at some point becomes the first Big Ten quarterback since Kerry Collins in 1995 to go in the first round of the NFL draft. And we know the Spartans’ defense is the best in the country, or, at least, in the conversation.

After railing against the quality of Big Ten football for half a decade, this time I think the Big Ten champion should be defended. I like eye tests. That’s all this is, an eye test. The Spartans pass the eye test, if not the BCS test.

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