Broncos: AFC West rivalries? What AFC rivalries?

Published: December 10, 2013, 2:30 pm, by Paul Klee



“Wait. We’ve won how many in a row against the AFC West?”

Ten, Mr. MVP. Ten straight.

That’s one shy of the Broncos’ record. During the Super Bowl years in 1997 and 1998, the Broncos won 11 straight against the AFC West. That was so long ago, the AFC West still included the Seahawks.

Denver can tie its longest divisional winning streak by beating San Diego on Thursday night.

“We put more emphasis on the division games,” Peyton Manning said a few minutes ago here at Dove Valley.

OK, Manning didn’t say the first quote. That was a joke.

This is no joke: the Broncos are following a similar blueprint to what the Patriots have written for the past decade. The first step is dominating the division. That leads to home games in the playoffs, which usually lead to success in the playoffs. As I’m writing for Thursday, the Patriots have been quite lucky to play in the AFC East the past decade.

Denver swept the AFC West last season. The AFC West stunk last season. But this AFC West is decidedly better, a challenge aside from the Raiders, and sweeping through the division again would be a significant accomplishment.

“The division games count double,” Mr. MVP said.

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