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Broncos: Down the stretch they come

Published: November 27, 2013, 12:44 pm, by Paul Klee

The fallout from the Broncos’ loss at New England has been catastrophic.

In the race for the top seed in the AFC, the Broncos fell all the way… to the same spot they were in before Sunday night, the No. 1 seed.

If the season ended today — love that phrase — the Broncos would hold the No. 1 seed and be in line to host the Titans, Chiefs or Bengals in the divisional round of the playoffs. New England would have the No. 2 seed.

The loss at New England trimmed Denver’s margin of error, however. (And we don’t know yet what it did their psyche.) If the Broncos lose again — and the Patriots win out — the Broncos would need help to secure homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Otherwise, the Broncos open the possibility of a return trip to Foxboro. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Denver’s remaining schedule: at Kansas City (9-2), vs. Titans (5-6), vs. Chargers (5-6), at Texans (2-9), at Raiders (4-7). 

New England’s remaining schedule: at Texans (2-9), vs. Browns (4-7), at Dolphins (5-6), at Ravens (5-6), vs. Bills (4-7).

Kansas City: Nothing we’ve seen over the past 4-5 weeks suggest the Chiefs deserve a voice in this conversation.

It’s sunny and pleasant here at Dove Valley today. Sunday’s weather forecast in KC looks promising: 40s and sunny, with a 100-percent chance of a glove on Peyton Manning’s right hand.

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