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Broncos: No Peyton (in practice)… no problem?

Published: November 13, 2013, 11:51 am, by Paul Klee


KC.Von       KC.huddle

Von’s here (above left). Champ’s here (hidden in the huddle). The sun’s here.

But someone’s not in practice here at Dove Valley today. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

The Broncos, the Chiefs and anyone who has watched the NFL since the 1998 draft expects Peyton Manning to play on Sunday night. He misses football games as often as he misses open receivers.

Take out the 2011 season — the neck-injury season — and Manning hasn’t missed a start… in 14-plus seasons.

“I know Peyton Manning and he’ll be ready,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said on a conference call today. “He’ll be ready to go. That doesn’t change our preparation at all. We don’t even go there. We know he’ll be ready to play.”

But he’s not here today, on the practice field, at least, and it’s difficult to imagine this Sunday’s Peyton Manning will be 100-percent Peyton Manning.

With Manning at 100 percent, I would suggest the Vegas line of DEN minus-8 is too low.

With Manning and his bum ankle, I say it puts a greater emphasis on the other Broncos picking up the slack.

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