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Broncos: Coaching (and lifestyle) changes

Published: November 4, 2013, 10:49 am, by Paul Klee


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Here at Dove Valley this morning, interim coach Jack Del Rio is taking the Broncos through their usual Monday routine (top left and bottom right). John Fox and his gregarious, outgoing personality are absent.

The Broncos’ coaching change is the latest example of an age-old truth. Coaching is more stressful than glamorous.

From Fox, who will undergo heart surgery this week, to Gary Kubiak, who collapsed at halftime of Sunday Night Football, to my good friend Jerry Kill, who battles epileptic seizures, to dozens of other examples, the coaching profession is filled with health conditions that should make any man rethink this chosen profession.

This is not to feel sorry for high-profile coaches, who are paid quite handsomely.

This is to wonder if it’s worth it. One coach tells me his kids called him “ghost dad,” since he was never around. Hundreds of coaches lament missing their kids’ birthdays while on the road or in the film room. You know the stories.

Coaching, even at the NFL level, isn’t digging ditches. But it is exceedingly tough on families and, as we’ve seen this week, the body.  

As far as the above photos, Champ Bailey, Duke Ihenacho and Julius Thomas were held out of practice today (top right). Their availability for Sunday’s game at San Diego is unknown. More in Tuesday’s Gazette on the Broncos coaching change.

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