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Gameday Live Report: Redskins at Broncos

Published: October 27, 2013, 1:43 pm, by Paul Klee

FINAL: Broncos 45, Redskins 21

—The Broncos are 7-1. Next opponent: Bye week (0-8).

—With eight minutes left in the third quarter, the Broncos had seven points. They finished with 45.

—Almost feel bad for RGIII. My man gets pounded. Kirk Cousins finished the game at quarterback for Washington.

—You could usually count on a Mike Shanahan-coached Broncos teams enjoying a fast start, scripted plays and all. This game had a similar feel: fast start, fade at the end.

—No one needs a bye week more than the Broncos. The Ihenacho and Julius Thomas injuries compounded their issues on the injury front.

—Text message from a Bears fan: “I think Bears need to get rid of Cutty and pick up Captain Kirk (Cousins)”

—In Sections 314-316, there’s a Favre jersey, an Urlacher jersey, a John Riggins jersey… and a Champ Bailey Redskins jersey.

—Demaryius Thomas did not have one of his better games.

—Headed to the locker room. Interested to hear Peyton Manning’s take on this one. Slow start, spectacular finish.

Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 38, Redskins 21 — 6:35 left in fourth quarter

—Demaryius Thomas, who has been invisible, joins the fun.

—That’s a 31-0 run by the Broncos. ESPN analyst George Karl would be proud.

—That 4th-and-1 decision by Fox (Gase? Peyton?) changed everything.

—RGIII might last five seasons at this rate of being pounded. Might.

—I better write a column.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 31, Redskins 21 — 11:05 left in fourth quarter

—Turning point? The Broncos going for the touchdown, on 4th-and-1, in the third. The Broncos have scored 24 unanswered points since then.

—Von Miller, welcome back.

—Von Miller did tell us, two weeks ago, he’s been practicing a sack dance. First time this season he’s gotten to use it.

—All of the hits — legal and late (ahem, Kevin Vickerson) — seem to take a toll on RGII as the game wears on.

—This is about the Broncos defense now.

—Peyton Manning gave Joel Dreessen an earful before 3rd-and-1 near the goal line.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 21, Redskins 21 — 14:42 left in fourth quarter

—John Fox — or Adam Gase? Or Peyton Manning? — made the decision to attempt a pair of fourth-down conversions in this second half. What a gambler, that John Fox.

—Joel Dreessen seeing some extra time with Julius Thomas hobbled.

—On that touchdown toss, the Skins had two DBs to cover three WRs/TEs.

—Mile High is loud, and shaking, for the first time today.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Redskins 21, Broncos 7 — 11:25 left in third period

—No confirmation yet, but we’re guessing that was the first holding penalty on Peyton Manning.

—Reason to worry, long-term version: Julius Thomas and Duke Ihenacho both have left the game with injuries. Both are listed as questionable. Both are very, very important to the Broncos.

—Reason to worry, short-term version: The Broncos defense looks like the Air Force defense. With and without Ihenacho.

—A drunk Redskins fan just scared off a sober Redskins fan. The sober guy told his lady friend, “Let’s just move (seats).”

—Mike Shanahan is on the wrong sideline.

—So, Demaryius Thomas or Dez Bryant?

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 7, Redskins 7 — Halftime

—To sum it up: Broncos offense can’t stay on the field. Broncos defense can’t get off the field.

—After tying the score at 7, Redskins fans are singing a Redskins song: Hail to the Redskins.

—Nasty, dirty hit by Washington’s Jordan Reed on Duke Ihenacho. No flag, but expect a fine.

—Ihenacho was helped to the locker room. Wouldn’t expect him back today.

—The guy in the John Riggins, dancing in Section 314, is having an awesome time.

—This feels like a game the Broncos win 27-17.

—The Redskins are doing all the things the Chiefs will attempt to do against the Broncos. So this is kind of like a (JV) Chiefs-Broncos game before the Chiefs-Broncos game.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 7, Redskins 0 — 6:12 left in second quarter

—Britton Colquitt, the $4-million punter, pins the Skins.

—Just wanted to type that.

—Washington’s London Fletcher is starting at linebacker for the 247th consecutive game. How amazing is that?

—Relax, ladies: Eric Decker has reported into the game.

—Alfred Morris is a terrific, Shanahan-y running back.

—Still think this Broncos defense missed Wesley Woodyard as much as it missed Von Miller.

—Redskins hanging, hanging, hanging around. Broncos inability to convert a third down playing a big role.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 7, Redskins 0 — End of first quarter

—Pierre Garcon with the catch of the season vs. the Broncos. All at once, the press box said, “Wow.”

—Unsure why John Fox thought to challenge that spot. Didn’t look all that challenge-worthy.

—But was a bad challenge flag really any reason to crow? Whatever Fox does will be criticized in Colorado. That’s the public sentiment after The Knee and the Mile High Mistake.

—Redskins fans hooted and hollered when the Cowboys’ loss was shown on the big screen.

—C.J. Anderson with his first carry as an NFL running back. Here’s some more about the undrafted free agent.

—The Broncos will punt to open the second quarter.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 7, Redskins 0 — 9:25 left in first quarter 

—Saw Ronnie Hillman in the suites section/press box before the game. He’s inactive. No sign of C.J. Anderson (on the field) yet.

—Peyton Manning on the opening scoring drive: 5-for-5 with a TD pass to Welker. The Broncos needed nine plays. Slackers.

—Reminder: KC struggled to beat teams with Jason Campbell and Case Keenum at quarterback.

—Loved his Broncos teams on offense. But gotta say: We’ve seen this Mike Shanahan defense before.

—There are probably a few. But tough to find an empty seat today at sunshine-y Sports Authority Field.

—Welker has a career-high nine touchdowns. We’re in Week 8.

—Somewhere, there’s a Brady-Manning comparison in there.

RIP, Lou Reed.

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Skins.1     Skins.2

Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 0, Redskins 0 — 12:25 left in first quarter

—One more thought on the Broncos loss at the Colts. Andrew Luck doesn’t remind of Peyton Manning. He reminds of Elway.

—There’s the reason the Redskins will be fortunate if Robert Griffin III plays five or six seasons. Takes way too many hits.

—Redskins with a three-and-out on their first possession.

—Semi-scary moment in the pregame ceremony: One of the parachutists almost landed in the horse head. It appeared he couldn’t stop, almost smashed into the wall below the south stands.

—Mike Shanahan (below) received warm applause during a 20-second video tribute prior to kickoff.

—Still not buying the Chiefs.

—Definitely buying this weather.

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Skins.4       Skins.5

Broncos Gameday Live Report — Redskins (2-4) at Broncos (6-1) — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 40 minutes until kickoff (2:25 p.m.)

—The Broncos are in orange jerseys and white pants. The Redskins are in white jerseys and yellow pants.

—I am in a jacket and blue shirt.

—David Ramsey is in a Chad Hall jersey.

—No sign of Mike Shanahan yet. John Elway is on the sideline. They won Super Bowls.

—How can the Broncos improve their record-setting offense — and keep Peyton Manning upright in the process? I asked John Elway. Here’s what he said.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Redskins (2-4) at Broncos (6-1) — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 1 hour until kickoff (2:25 p.m.)

Afternoon everyone. Denver columnist Paul Klee joining you from Mile High. Let’s get this Live Report started….

—The temperature gauge said 71 degrees when I parked. Perfect day.

—Peyton Manning is on the field, tossing passes to Julius Thomas, Trindon Holliday and Eric Decker.

—The Chiefs are being average again, leading the Browns 20-17 in the fourth quarter. Reminder: Jason Campbell is quarterbacking the Browns. At least it’s not Case Keenum or something.

—Spent Saturday afternoon/evening at Falcon Stadium. It had been two decades since my last trip there. It’s second-nature info to our Colorado Springs readers… but Air Force’s ballfield is such as special place to watch a college football game. Thanks for having me, Air Force. Hope to be back soon.

Now, about that football team.

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