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Broncos: See, Mom: my college friends aren’t goofballs

Published: October 10, 2013, 11:51 am, by Paul Klee

Adam Gase is living the high(-scoring) life.

Thanks, college buddies. They kept him in football, the Broncos offensive coordinator told me.

But who shaped his football philosophy? His mentor?

“(Mike) Martz was definitely the guy,” Gase said.

Martz is most recognized as the architect of the Greatest Show on Turf. His Rams juggernauts averaged 32.88 points (in 1999) and 33.75 (in 2000). They were a football track meet, awesome and fantastic and, mostly, unstoppable.

Isn’t it kind of interesting, at least, Gase is now the OC for the greatest offense, through five games, in NFL history?

I asked Gase what Martz tells him about those Rams teams.

“He just thought they had a dynamic killer instinct. They were never satisfied,” Gase said. “Every game, they wanted to score as much as possible. Just keep scoring points.”

It does sound familiar, yes, because Peyton Manning has preached the same message for these Broncos. From week to week, Manning insists there’s always something to improve, even while the Broncos are averaging 46 points per game.

“He (Martz) always kind of looked at it as fast-break basketball,” Gase said. “We might only get three (points) in this quarter, but we might get 21 in the next quarter. It was that threat of blowing it open.”

Look, I get it. It’s foolish to think Gase is the reason these Broncos are blasting NFL scoring records. No. 18 is the reason. Right now Manning is the ultimate quarterback, the orchestrator behind an offense that can’t be stopped, not for four quarters.

But it would be foolish to think Gase, at 35, isn’t carving out one heck of a resume as the offensive coordinator in Denver.

Know who was 35 when he got his first head coaching job? Mike Shanahan.

Not saying. Just saying.

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