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Broncos: Team of second chances?

Published: October 9, 2013, 11:43 am, by Paul Klee

It’s possible this interests only me, but one comment from the Broncos locker room at AT&T Stadium on Sunday caught my attention.

This one, from safety Rahim Moore to linebacker Danny Trevathan: “Don’t let that play get you down.”

Interesting, right?

Both defensive players had bonehead plays against the Ravens — one this season, one last season.

One player lifted the other player up.

Here’s Moore, whose miscalculation/Mile High Mistake/boo-boo might scar a weaker man, telling Trevathan to believe in second chances. Prior to his big interception Sunday against the Cowboys, Trevathan was best known in NFL circles for dropping the ball before crossing the goal line in a rout of the Ravens.

“You will get another chance,” Moore said he told Trevathan.

There were only three reporters around Moore’s locker when he said it, but I thought it was worth noting.

This is, too: Rahim Moore has been on the field for all but six defensive snaps this season, according to our friends at Pro Football Focus. He’s the most-used defensive player on the Broncos roster.

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