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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (4-0) at Cowboys (2-2)

Published: October 6, 2013, 12:41 pm, by Paul Klee

Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 51, Cowboys 48— AT&T Stadium — FINAL

—Attendance: 92,758. We’ll estimate 30,000 are Broncos fans.

—If the Broncos lose, this one’s on Von Miller.

—Here’s a hunch Champ Bailey plays in two weeks. Don’t need him vs. the Jaguars.

—That’s who’s really rooting for the Broncos right now: Jacksonville. Don’t expect the Jags want to play the Broncos when the Broncos are coming off a loss.

—Dez Bryant has 141 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Demaryius Thomas has 44 yards. Of course, the difference in the two isn’t that great. DT has more competition for the ball. But yes, as we wrote earlier, Dez Bryant is dominant.

—Now THAT was a scoring drive. Nine plays, 73 yards, 4:40. Tie game.

—How fun is this?

—The teams had combined for 1,048 yards of total yards when Moreno got a first down… by two inches.

—The Broncos stay unbeaten at 5-0. By a whisker.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 38, Cowboys 33 — AT&T Stadium — 00:14 left in third quarter

—Cowboys are given a golden opportunity to bring down the NFL’s best team today. The Broncos defense is without: Von Miller, Champ Bailey, Wesley Woodyard and Chris Harris. Four of their top six defensive players? That’s a fair assessment.

—The open windows in this stadium create weird shadows. And sunglare.

—Maybe that’s why Romo does Romo things, sometimes. The sunglare?

—Truth is, Romo has been spectacularly good today. Both quarterbacks have ratings above 150. That’s rare.

—And we have a game. Can Broncos continue scoring? They will need to. The defense is a shell of itself.

—Dallas scoring drive: Seven plays, 80 yards, 3:09. Like a walk in the park, really.

—That sure seemed early to attempt a two-point conversion. Remember that play.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 28, Cowboys 20 — AT&T Stadium — Halftime

—Oh, Adam Gase. You jokester.

—That was Peyton Manning’s first rushing touchdown in five years.

—Had a good chat with Gase, the 35-year-old offensive coordinator of the Broncos, last week. We’ll have a column on his football ‘roots’ in Thursday’s edition of The Gazette.

—I don’t know who can beat these Broncos. But it won’t be the Cowboys, unless the Cowboys can get a pick or two.

—Can anyone beat these Broncos? The two best candidates are in the NFC: Seattle (which lost today) and New Orleans, right? As for the AFC West, the Broncos would wipe the Astroturf with the Chiefs right now.

—Here were the Broncos possessions: Fumble, TD, TD, TD, TD.

—Yes, there’s plenty of time left in this one. But the Cowboys have only stopped the Broncos when the Broncos stopped the Broncos, on an Eric Decker fumble.

—Peyton Manning’s QB rating: 154.8. Slacker.

—Peyton Manning’s rushing numbers: 1 carry, 1 yard, 1 TD.

—Peyton Manning is on pace for: 444 passing yards and six passing touchdowns.

—The Broncos had the ball for 11:02. The Cowboys had the ball for 18:58.

—Stats that don’t matter: Time of possession (in the new NFL) and total rebounds (in all levels of basketball).

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos 21, Cowboys 17 — AT&T Stadium —3:10 left in second quarter

—I do hope, and believe, Broncos fans realize how good they have it right now. I don’t think the NFL has ever seen an offense like this.

—Peyton Manning now has 19 touchdowns and zero interceptions. His passer rating so far in this game: 158.3. That’s as perfect as a quarterback rating can be.

—Lots of trash-talking out there today. There is someone jawing after every play.

—One of the biggest talkers on the Broncos is the smallest Bronco: Trindon Holliday. He backs it up.

—Emmitt and Pat Smith were just shown on THE TEXAS TV. Big cheers.

—So far, Peyton Manning is focused on Eric Decker and Julius Thomas. So watch for Demaryius Thomas and/or Wes Welker in the second half.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Cowboys 14, Broncos 7 — AT&T Stadium —End of first quarter

—Hey, this is fun!

—Didn’t realize the Texas Class 5A state track championships were here today.

—Jason Witten doing bad things to the Broncos defense. He’s a tight end, so that’s expected.

—The Broncos needed only 50 seconds to go 80 yards for a touchdown. On three plays.

—Robert Ayers returned to the game. And sacked Tony Romo.

—Two gifted quarterbacks I still don’t expect will ever win a Super Bowl: Tony Romo and the one in Chicago.

—Wesley Woodyard, the heart and soul of the Broncos defense (and, I would say, the team), was helped off the field. I expect you will see him again today.

—John Fox wants a holding penalty. Any holding penalty.

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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Cowboys 7, Broncos 0 — AT&T Stadium — 8:06 left in the first quarter

—Von Miller returns in 14 days.

—Champ Bailey returns in… no one knows.

—Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan, who was carted off the practice field last week, making plays.

—The Cowboys, who just marched all over the Broncos defense, making more.

—Broncos first-round pick Sylvester Williams was activated today. He was inactive last week. And he was completely discombobulated with the Cowboys at first-and-goal.

—John Fox is still raving mad at the official. Press box can’t figure out why. Maybe the Vasquez holding penalty? It wasn’t replayed up here.

—Robert Ayers considered questionable to return due to a shoulder injury.

—The Cowboys have male cheerleaders, too. They wear white shirts, cowboy hats and skinny jeans. Okay, Wranglers. Whatevs.

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Gazette.com Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (4-0) at Cowboys (2-2) — AT&T Stadium (Irving, Texas) — 20 minutes until kickoff

—The glass windows on either end of the stadium are open. The roof is closed. I’m told the roof is closed because the sunlight causes a glare on THE TEXAS TV.

—I mean, there are a LOT of Broncos fans here. It might be 50 percent of the crowd.

—Peyton Manning tripped on Montee Ball’s foot while running out of the tunnel.

—The Patriots scored six points. The Chiefs were in danger of losing to the Titans. You saw the Ravens. The Broncos will never, ever have a better shot at a Super Bowl appearance than this season.

—Prediction: Broncos 37, Cowboys 27.

—There are fireworks going off indoors. This building is bananas. What a good idea it was.

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Gazette.com Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (4-0) at Cowboys (2-2) — AT&T Stadium (Irving, Texas) — 45 minutes until kickoff

—Peyton Manning took the field right on schedule, 56 minutes before kickoff. Loud cheers. Press box estimates about 40 percent of the early crowd is Broncos fans.

—Legwold says the Cowboys team that buried the Bills in the Super Bowl might be the greatest team he’s witnessed.

—In the Dez vs. Demaryius Bowl, I’ll take Dez. By a nose. So would my friend Frank Schwab, who is really smart.

—Ex-Broncos QB Kyle Orton shown on the TEXAS TV. He wears No. 18.

—With all the orange in the crowd, is this America’s Team vs. America’s QB?

—The Broncos are going through warmups. Peyton just overthrew Joel Dreessen, the first time he’s missed a receiving target in roughly 47 games.

—Almost prediction time.

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Gazette.com Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (4-0) at Cowboys (2-2) — AT&T Stadium (Irving, Texas) — 60 minutes until kickoff

—Britton Colquitt is launching punts. He doesn’t get to punt very often, so he’s taking advantage of it. Will let you know when he smacks the TEXAS TV with a punt.

—Eric Decker and Wes Welker are talking about their favorite reality shows. Or, stretching.

—Klee’s sitting next to the great Jeff Legwold of ESPN.com. I told him my vision for the Super Bowl: Saints.

—Haven’t had a vision on the other half of the Super Bowl.

—Now there’s a concert going on outside the stadium. This place is 50-percent football, 100-percent entertainment.

—No sign of Emmitt Smith. Or Jay Novacek.

—The Chiefs are losing to the Titans. Repeat, the Chiefs are losing to the Titans.

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Gazette.com Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (4-0) at Cowboys (2-2) — AT&T Stadium (Irving, Texas) — 70 minutes until kickoff

—Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey has been practicing his extra points for a really long time.

—There’s still more Broncos orange than Cowboys blue in here. I mean, there’s a LOT of orange in the seats.

—If there’s one game the Broncos could lose before traveling to New England…. this is it, me thinks.

—Prediction to come later.

—Air Force football is crumbling into rubble. Gazette colleagues David Ramsey and Brent Briggeman were at the Navy game on Saturday. Here are Ramsey’s column and Brent’s first-hand report.

—The Cowboys cheerleaders are performing on a stage outside the stadium. If you’re into that sort of thing.

—Matt Prater is booting 46-yard field goals.

—Mike Adams gave the Mile High salute to a group of Cowboys fans in the south/east/west/north/not-sure-because-there-are-no-mountains-here end zone.

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Gazette.com Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (4-0) at Cowboys (2-2) — AT&T Stadium (Irving, Texas) — 90 minutes until kickoff

—Kenny Chesney serenading the players going through warmups. Not the real Kenny Chesney, but the Kenny Chesney on the Texas TV (above). Or, as it should be called, TEXAS TV.

—Quentin Jammer is also inactive for the Broncos.

—The Broncos have started 4-0 in seven seasons, including this one. Four times they advanced to the Super Bowl.

—This building is something else. If we combined the Broncos new scoreboard with this Cowboys scoreboard, the only suitable living room would be Red Rocks.

—My late grandfather played football at nearby TCU. His favorite player was Roger Staubach.

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Cowboys.III     Cowboys.I     Cowboys.II

Gazette.com Broncos Gameday Live Report — Broncos (4-0) at Cowboys (2-2) — AT&T Stadium (Irving, Texas) — 2 hours until kickoff

Afternoon everyone. Denver columnist Paul Klee joining you from the massive, spectacular, larger-than-life Cowboys (AT&T) Stadium. Pictures don’t do it justice. But here are a few (above) to give an idea. Let’s get started….

—So many Broncos fans here. The tailgate areas were probably 70-30 (Cowboys/Broncos), although the Broncos fans inside the stadium right now outnumber the Cowboys fans.

—Gorgeous day outside. Probably 75 degrees and sunny. In the parking lots, the Lone Star is flowing.

—For the Broncos, Julius Thomas and Britton Colquitt are on the field.

—Champ Bailey will not play again today, as reported by our friend Brandon Krisztal.

—My Sunday column in The Gazette was about Sgt. Liam Nevins, a former Broncos security guard killed in Afghanistan. Here’s his story.

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