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Avs’ Roy: Bring it, don’t sing it

Published: October 3, 2013, 9:20 am, by Paul Klee

We’re not surprised by this, right?

Hire Patrick Roy as your coach, this is what you sign up for: Fireworks on ice.

Isn’t it great?

Way back when Roy was introduced as the Avalanche coach on May 28, I wrote: ‘This should get very entertaining, very fast.’

It was fast, indeed. First-game fast. In the Avs’ 6-1 trouncing of the Ducks, the reigning division champs, Roy pounded the bench partition until it leaned over like a windblown palm tree.

This season will be no trip to the beach for visiting teams at Pepsi Center. In capping off a brilliant season opener for the Avalanche, Roy accomplished the near-impossible in Colorado. He bumped the Broncos from the top story of the sports ‘cast.

The Avs are relevant again.

For that, you can thank St. Patrick.

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