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Broncos: Chiefs at Broncos… unbeaten?

Published: October 1, 2013, 12:34 pm, by Paul Klee

After another Broncos blowout, I wanted to frame their 4-0 start within the AFC West discussion — and why these Broncos are different from the Broncos last season.

Here’s that column from Sunday.

Looking deeper — at both the Broncos at the AFC West — it’s entirely possible one of the Other games on the schedule is quickly becoming of the It games on the schedule:

Chiefs at Broncos, Sunday, Nov. 17.

It’s a divisional game, of course. It’s a rivalry game, of course. It’s the game before the Brady-Manning Game, of course.

Could it also be a game of unbeatens?

The Broncos are the best team in the NFL. It would take a significant upset, or a government shutdown, to prevent the Broncos from being 9-0 entering the first matchup with the Chiefs.

And the Chiefs? Their schedule might be even more favorable, depending how you view the Texans. Houston plays at Kansas City on Oct. 20. Kansas City’s other opponents before the first Denver game: Tennessee, Oakland, Cleveland, Buffalo.

Not only that, but the Chiefs have a bye week directly in front of the Broncos game.

Put it this way: Both the Broncos and Chiefs will be favored in every game before their first matchup. And the Broncos are aware of that possibility, with Terrance Knighton telling me it’s crossed their mind.

“But we’ll worry about them when they’re lined up across from us,” Knighton said.

The rest of us are free to hope for a game of unbeatens on Nov. 17.

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