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Broncos Gameday Live Report — Eagles at Broncos

Published: September 29, 2013, 12:58 pm, by Paul Klee

Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 52, Eagles 20 — Sports Authority Field — FINAL

—The Broncos set a franchise record, clearing 50 points in a game for the first time.

—Peyton Manning set new records, too. That’s a weekly thing.

—The Chiefs, we’re told, are for real. The Chiefs slipped past these low-flying Eagles. What does that make these Broncos?

—The Broncos scored two touchdowns on special teams, an area of concern during the preseason. It’s not an area of concern anymore, at least for now.

—The Eagles fans in attendance, at least in Sections 314-318, have been mighty friendly to their Broncos neighbors. One Philly fanatic even brought a beer back for his Bronco buddy.

—The Broncos have scored 49, 41, 37 and 52 points. The 2007 Patriots, my measuring stick for the ultimate offense, opened their season by scoring 38, 38, 38 and 34 points.

Headed to the locker room, plenty more coverage coming in Monday’s Gazette. Thank you, as always, for following along the Broncos Live Report.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 49, Eagles 13 — Sports Authority Field — 13:54 left in third quarter

—Real question: How does anyone beat these Broncos? It definitely, surely, probably happens. But how? Read tomorrow’s Gazette for the answer. If I can find one.

—Today’s attendance: 76,368. Big, jazzed crowd.

—Pac-12 coaches aren’t crying for Chip Kelly.

—Maybe Chip Kelly should have played this game in a parking lot.

—Not to NFL owners and GMs: Unless it’s Pete Carroll with a bang-up personnel department, the college-to-pros jump doesn’t work.

—Peyton Manning just set an NFL record with his 24th four-touchdown game.

Back in a few.



Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 35, Eagles 13 — Sports Authority Field — 5:10 left in third quarter

—Manning’s halftime stats: 13-for-18 for 169 yards and a touchdown.

—Vick’s halftime stats: 10-for-16 for 170 yards. He also ran for 39 yards.

—This Eagles defense is wearing down, as we wrote in today’s Gazette.

—Another sign that Broncos fans take this team for granted: Peyton Manning and the offense goes 80 yards for a touchdown to open the second half. Klee and Ramsey wondered if the crowd at Mile High even noticed. Quiet reaction.

—Von Miller isn’t playing. Did notice that.

—Cheerleaders are cheerleading. Did notice that.

—Randall Cunningham jersey in Section 316. Definitely noticed that.

—How’s your fantasy team today?

—Tom Nalen’s halftime speech ended in, “Such as.”

—Welker (shown above, courtesy Mr. Reis) has scored in all four games as a Bronco.

—The videoboard just showed Cowboys-Chargers highlights, with Dallas leading, 21-20. Cheers went up around the stadium.

—If Twitter says the Chiefs are “for real”…. what are the Broncos?

Back in a few.



Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 21, Eagles 13 — Sports Authority Field — Halftime

—Aside from the dumb penalty, Knowshon Moreno is like a different player. His running-back rebirth didn’t start this season, me thinks. It started in the game at Baltimore last season. He was terrific on that day, hurdling Ed Reed in the process. Here’s that column.

—The big, bad Philly media is… cheering? Now it’s just odd. David Ramsey says: “It’s like being in the Navy press box.”

—Ryan Bonner, who is sitting in Section 354, just changed his Chicago flight to tomorrow. He’s enjoying himself.

—There’s never been another Michael Vick. And no, RGIII is no Michael Vick.

—The late Sgt. Liam Nevins, who was killed in action last week in Afghanistan, was just honored on the video board. Bless you, sir. And your family.

—Chip Kelly knows about the thin air at altitude, right? Strange the Eagles didn’t attempt a 54-yard field goal before half.

—At least today, the Broncos admitted their mistake on Sylvester Williams. (Repeated: At least for today.) Is it time to do the same for running Ronnie Hillman over and over?

—So. This is about what we expected, right?

—Swift, mobile quarterback. Southpaw quarterback. Green-ish/blue-ish uniform. Running wild at Mile High. What does this remind you of?

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 14, Eagles 6 — Sports Authority Field — 11:53 left in the second quarter

—Poor Trindon. Now the Eagles won’t kick to him.

—AFC West turning NFC East into turtle soup today. (Will ESPN take note?) Chiefs thumped Giants. Chargers beating Cowboys. Raiders up two touchdowns on Redskins. And here.

—Strange to hear rooting in the press box. Is that the feared Philadelphia media?

—This was a shocking stat: Seahawks are 4-0. For the first time. Ever.

—From this viewpoint, it sure looked like the Broncos made the right challenge. Thought the ball hit the ground.

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 7, Eagles 3 — Sports Authority Field — 2:00 left in the first quarter

—With three kickoff returns for touchdowns, Trindon Holliday now has the franchise record. That includes the playoffs. He also hasn’t lost a regular-season game the past two seasons. He has three punt returns for touchdowns.

—Michael Vick still got it. His legs, at least.

—Vick running wild, a southpaw, wearing a shade of green/blue, reminds of Mark Brunell. Sorry. It does.

—This game is being played in hyper-speed. No wonder Trindon Holliday scored already.

Back in a few.


Philly.Decker               Philly.Girl

Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Broncos 7, Eagles 0 — Sports Authority Field — 7:43 left in the first quarter

—On their first possession, that three-and-out by the Eagles was only their second of this season.

—Wes Welker with three catches, including a touchdown, on the first drive for the Broncos. Does it seem like he’s always open?

—Broncos might score 50 today. That was the prediction.

—Photos above courtesy Mark Reis and Mike Ciaglo.

—Going back to that inactive-list question: It’s never good when a first-round pick is a healthy scratch. Sylvester Williams has left much to be desired. So does the 2013 draft class for the Broncos, minus Kayvon Webster. Bad draft.

—In his prime, Michael Vick was my other Allen Iverson.

—If a stadium can be extra full, this stadium is extra full.

Back in a few.



Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Eagles (1-2) vs. Broncos (3-0) — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 20 minutes until kickoff (2:25 p.m.)

—Peyton Manning (above, courtesy Gazette photographer Mark Reis) has finished his pregame warmups and returned to the locker room. It’s a brief warmup. PFM wakes up warmed up.

—The parachutists have landed. Never gets old.

—The Eagles have landed (on the east sideline). Lots of boos.

—Ryan Bonner is sitting in Section 235. Found a ticket on Craigslist. Got a good deal, too. Looking for Broncos tickets? Wait ’til the last minute, if you can.

—The Fox has landed. John, the coach, is putting on his headset.

—Eli Manning’s Giants are about to fall to 0-4.

—The AFC West’s Chiefs are about to be 4-0. I’m not a buyer. Think they punt too often. But I understand why you would be.

—That said, if the Chiefs are, in fact, for real, as everyone else says, they should be 9-0 or 8-1 heading into their first game vs. the Broncos. Snazzy schedule in the first half of the season.

—Klee’s prediction: Broncos 50, Eagles 26.

—The national anthem is coming up.

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Eagles (1-2) vs. Broncos (3-0) — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 45 minutes until kickoff (2:25 p.m.)

—Broncos inactives today (and guess which one shouldn’t be there): Zac Dysert, C.J. Anderson, Champ Bailey, Paris Lenon, Chris Kuper, Winston Justice, Sylvester Williams.

—Broncos great Tom Nalen will be honored as the 24th member of the Ring of Fame today. Here’s the weird part about Tom’s induction.

—Matt Barkley is inactive for the Eagles. Maybe he can talk Jack Del Rio out of the USC job.

—Even more fans on the sideline than usual right now. The north endzone is three-deep with Manning jerseys.

—The Broncos are stretching. Eric Decker is skiing in place. Chris Harris is dancing. Peyton Manning is swinging his legs to prevent a hip injury.

Back in a few.


Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Eagles (1-2) vs. Broncos (3-0) — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 90 minutes until kickoff (2:25 p.m.)

—It figures that after we raved about Jack Del Rio’s handiwork with this Broncos defense… something would threaten to pull Jack Del Rio away from this Broncos defense. Bye, bye, Lane Kiffin. Hello, Jack Del Rio? The USC job must be appealing to the former Trojan. If he leaves the Broncos, that leaves a big hole for the Broncos.

—Another undefeated team, the Bears, is trailing big today. The Lions are up, 30-16.

—Looks like the quarterback change in Tamp Bay is working out so far. The Bucs lead the Cardinals, 10-0.

—Kevin Vickerson and Ronnie Hillman are now on the field for the Broncos. No sign of the Big Three for the Eagles — Shady McCoy, Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson.

—Valiant effort from the Air Force Falcons last night. Tough, tough loss to stomach. Here’s what Air Force beat writer Brent Briggeman wrote from Reno.

Back in a few.



Gazette.com Broncos Live Report — Eagles (1-2) vs. Broncos (3-0) — Sports Authority Field at Mile High — 2 hours until kickoff (2:25 p.m.)

Afternoon everyone. It’s a sunroof Sunday here at Sports Authority Field (above). I’ll be here with live, in-game updates through the final horn. Feel free to check in via email or in the comments section below with anything you notice. A few things to get started….

—As first reported by our friend Brandon Krystal, the Broncos will be without the services of cornerback Champ Bailey again today. Champ won’t play for the fourth straight game due to a foot injury.

—On the field right now: Trindon Holliday, Duke Ihenacho (who is expected to play today after leaving the Raiders game early) and Chris Clark, who drew the praise of offensive coordinator Adam Gase for his first start at left tackle.

—Weather will not be an issue today — unless you left the sunscreen at home.

—Chip Kelly’s offense has dominated headlines for the Eagles. But it’s their defense that should be the concern — for the Eagles. Here’s my column on the Eagles from today’s Gazette.

—And what about Michael Vick, a Klee favorite on the football? Have we forgiven the Eagles quarterback for his role in a dogfighting ring? More on that here.

—Our superb photographer, Mark Reis, is here at the game today. We will post some of his photos at the end of each quarter. Colleague David Ramsey is expected to be in attendance as well. Plenty of coverage coming in The Gazette.

Back in a few.

Klee (Twitter: @Klee_Gazette or paul.klee@gazette.com)